Amazon single article links

Using this wordpress plugin, “Amazon single article links” with text and graphic art can be easily integrated in your own wordpress articles. Condition precedent is a valid partner_id of Amazon, so you must be member of the im Amazon partner network.

How to set up the plugin:

Attention: You are using the plugin on your own risk!

  1. Download the Amazon wordpress plugin.
  2. Unpack the zip-archiv and upload the file amazon-einzeltitellinks.php in the wordpress plugin file folder.
  3. Activate the plugin and enter your amazon partner_id. If you want to, you can define the configuration of the amazon single article link.

Download and changelog Amazon wordpress plugin:

  • 20.02.2014: Amazon WordPress Plugin Version 1.2 or WordPress
    eliminate PHP Short Tags
  • 10.04.2009: Amazon WordPress Plugin Version 1.1The following adjustments can be made: CSS-formatting of the container, open link in a new window, dimensions of the graphic, all prices, only new prices, no prices, color of the text, color of links, functions, which are not especially defined by Amazon, so that the graphic may not be shown. So it is also possible to define the height of the container so, that only the graphic will be shown. Attention please: Maybe this is not conforming to the rules of Amazon. Please ask Amazon! The standard adjustment is not using these functions.
  • 16.04.2008: Amazon WordPress Plugin Version 1.0First Version without expanded configuration.

Now you can use the Amazon plugin for wordpress

Write your article and insert the following instruction:


The parameters myFloat and Partner_ID are optional…

myASIN: Here you have to enter the so called ISBN number or ASIN number of the article.

myFloat: You can choose between the options left or right or don’t enter a parameter. So you specify whether the amazon article is floated on the left or on the right side or if it shouldn’t be floated.

Partner_ID: If you want to enter another partner_id than the id which is defined in the user adjustment, so you can use this parameter.

Examples of the Amazon word press plugin:

1. Amazon single article link without float


Thereby the single article link ASIN 3826617908 is integrated without any float.

2. Amazon single article link with float


Thereby the single article link ASIN 3898423506 is integrated with float left.

3. Amazon single article link with float and other partner_id


Thereby the single article link ASIN 3937514333 is integrated with float right. The partner_id is: suedtirol-wandern-21, even if there is another partner_id in the setting.

Formatting for Version 1.1

The formatting is taken by CSS in the setting of the plugin.

Formatting for Version 1.0

The plugin includes the single artikel link with an iframe. The iframe has a class with the name: amazon-einzeltitel. If you want to change the formatting of the iframe you must write an order in the css-file:

.amazon-einzeltitel  {



A lot of fun with the Amazon single article link.

A small donation is gladly seen 😉

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